About DAAPworks

DAAPworks highlights the capstone projects of each year's graduating class. These projects demonstrate a broad range of practice, creative production, and a variety of objectives. These remarkable student works reflect the latest discussions and practices evolving within each particular field of study. Projects encompass a full spectrum of application and intent —some of personal expression, others with practical/commercial applications, and many that address the societal concerns of those in need and/or marginalized. These projects are all researched, developed, and produced by the inspirational students attending the top-ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Students from all thirteen programs at DAAP participate in this exhibit annually at the end of Spring term as part of DAAPworks.

Programs: Architecture, Art Education, Art History, Communication Design, Community Planning, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Horticulture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, and Urban Studies

Dean Jachna's Welcome Address

A Sketch the Ripped the Napkin

If you have sketched on a napkin, odds are you have also ripped a napkin. This submission makes use of rips from heavy handed pen marks to create a zero-waste DAAP logo. The design pattern utilizes 100% of the material, flipping the cut out ‘d’ to a ‘p’ and carrying the first cut out ‘a’ to become the second. In this way, it does more with less waste. It's inspired by the work of DAAP students who are considering the broader impact of their creative practices. Also, this napkin was used as a napkin before it became a logo idea.

Danny Chambers | DAAP ‘17

Danny Chambers, DAAP '17

Congratulations to the winner of the Alumni Napkin Sketch Competition, Danny Chambers, a graduate of DAAP in Industrial Design, Class of 2017. His sketch contributed to the inspiration for the 2023 DAAPworks branding.

Refine + Repurpose

Our slogan, Refine and Repurpose, reflects our commitment to sustainable practices and responsible use of resources. We challenge our students to consider their project’s environmental impact and find ways to repurpose waste in productive and creative ways. With this mind, the DAAPworks 2023 logo features an isometric rectangle with cut-out letters, representing our student’s innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Jerrell Francisco | DAAP ‘25
Jerrell Francisco, DAAP '25

Congratulations to Jerrell Francisco, a current student of DAAP in Communication Design, and his co-op team, Sam DiMauro, Amanda Gleadle, and Kayma Wolfinbarger who were tasked with creating the 2023 DAAPworks branding using Danny’s Napkin Sketch as inspiration.


Special Thanks

Thank you for joining us for the fourth annual digital presentation of the DAAPworks exhibition!

Over the past four years our professors have worked diligently to integrate the digital component of DAAPworks into the curriculum at DAAP, creating a vital new part of our students’ capstone projects. Providing the visitors of the physical DAAPworks exhibition with these additional resources leads to a greater understanding of our students’ research and practice. This multifaceted exhibition provides the opportunity for a culminating celebration and a lasting record of the hard work and achievements of the class of 2023. We would like to congratulate our graduating students and wish them the best as they take the knowledge and skills they have cultivated at DAAP to provide a solid foundation for success within their chosen fields. We are honored and proud to present the outstanding creative production from our talented students and are very excited to share their work with you and the world at large.

We would like to thank our professors and staff here at DAAP who have patiently mentored and guided our students through this challenging process. Our students’ success would not be possible without the support provided by their families, friends, and peers along their journey to graduation.

DAAPworks has been made possible through the hard work and dedication of an extensive DAAPworks team. We would like to express our gratitude to napkin sketch competition winner Danny Chambers (ID 2017) of Almanac.Coop for providing the inspiration for the 2023 branding design created by CODE student Jerrell Francisco and co-op team – Sam DiMauro, Amanda Gleadle, and Kayma Wolfinbarger, with the support of Samantha Norton (Digital Content Specialist), Pam Rezai (Asst. Director of Marketing & Publications), and Hannah Dickens (CODE Mentor). The faculty representatives coordinating the four schools within DAAP are Todd Timney (SOD), Megan Minton and Whitney Hamaker (SAID), Matt Lynch (SOA), and Hayden Shelby (SOP). Other crucial team members include Aaron Rucker (DAAPIT), Carrie Hill-Harriss (Web Designer), Dan Dugan (Facilities), Michael Everett (DAAP Print Lab), and Sofia Brown Scanio (UC Art Collection and Galleries) as well as the school Directors: Wei Wang (SOD), Ed Mitchell (SAID), Kate Bonansinga (SOA) and Danilo Palazzo (SOP).

Finally, we would like to thank the Dean of DAAP, Tim Jachna, for his support, leadership, and vision in this evolving project.

With Gratitude, Aaron Cowan
Director, UC Art Collection, Galleries, Museum Studies, and DAAPworks Coordinator