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DAAPworks 2023 School of Architecture and Interior Design Hero

Spring is, for us, an end and the beginning. SAID students move from seemingly simple tasks into ambitious design projects that tackle complex cultural issues. Our students hunger to make a difference.

This year you will see an intriguing body of work – investigations into new sustainable materials and assembly systems; reinvention of moribund industries into cyclical economic programs for reviving the Midwest economy; explorations of life and death in world cultures for chapels, crematoriums and cemeteries facilities for aging populations, elementary school children, urban nomads and political refugees. Sites range from downtown Cincinnati to the Saudi desert to India to southern Italy and to the infinite depths of the visible universe. Or, for our interior designers, the site is always in flux. The gamut of life experience is represented here. And, not unlike the ritual of graduation, the student projects imagine renaissance, rebirth, and renewal.

We learn from one another and our diverse backgrounds. Graduation is time to finally celebrate that shared learning experience. At SAID we ask our students to reimagine the world that they will design. Graduation does not mark the end of something, but rather the beginning of a world of difficult but rewarding new challenges.

—Ed Mitchell, School Director, School of Architecture and Interior Design